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ss. Get your head out of my cleavage.
hs. What's cleavage? This is just a face full of titties.
hs. Stop stabbing me with your earrings!
hs. I'm just a love monkey and I won't peel my banana for nobody but you.
ss. Ew.
hs. Ok, I won't put the peel on my banana for nobody but you.


Movie Quote Monday!

after having anal sex
ss. You know, I do have a perfectly good pussy.
hs. Oh I'm sure you do.
ss. Well, I do and other boys like it just fine.
hs. Well fuck them then.

Movie Quote Monday!

hs. I'm sorry I'm sweating on you...
ss. Okay, just stop talking.

Movie Quote Monday!

hs. Suck me beautiful.
ss. What did you just say?
hs. Suck me beautiful! (she laughs) Friends call me Nova as in Casanova.
ss. That's pathetic!

Movie Quote Monday!

hs. Soft lips.
ss. I'm so glad they still work. I haven't used them for kissing in such a long time, more like for wearing lipstick... and whistling.


ss. I'm trying to read a book here.
hs. I'm trying to get to second base, what's your point?


ss. Does all of you love me?
hs. Every inch.
ss. Even the inches that aren't always there?
hs. With them, it's more of a physical love, but from the rest of me
it's the emotional kind.